The Book

"Anoche Subió Dios a Casa" is the most intimate and sincere body of work photographer Hugo de la Rosa has realized to date. A declaration of principles in which the author pays a transparent and blunt homage to beauty, solitude and above all, company. A book charged with nostalgia in which both the people that were at his home and those that were present through his computer screen are equally considered guests. 

This books comes in a hard black folder with a signed limited photography by the author.

Hugo de la Rosa, 1978. Photographer.Madrid, Barcelona, London. Hugo has worked over 15 years as a professional photographer and during this time he has never stopped reflecting and developing his own particular vision of the world using as reference and inspiration his own personal experience.


Proof of this is his recent work for Audi (Germany) or his continuous collaboration as official campaign photographer for the fashion firm Martin Lamothe, work which he combines with his own artistic practice and which he has exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris or Budapest as well as being published in distinguished publications both spanish and international.

His personal way of utilizing the photographic medium, dinamites the barriers between fashion and artistic photography creating a language all of his own.